Here are the updated Star Wars Special Edition FAQs:
Star Wars
The Empire Strikes Back
The Return of the Jedi

These are the text versions of the FAQs, taken directly from Treadwell's Techdome, which is loaded with before and after pictures, and divided into subsequent parts. Also, there is an official list of changes on the Official Star Wars website.

And here's some information.... (Star Wars Genesis is the Lucasfilm code-name for the prequels) The script for the first film is complete and will be released PROBABLY around 1998 or 1999..Episode I, II and III are being tentatively called The Clone Wars, The Rise of Vader, and the Fall of the Republic...technicians began arriving in England to begin construction on sets and props for the new Star Wars prequel Trilogy, which will begin filming at Leavesden Studios in the Fall of 1997. The project is of unprecedented size and complexity and this studio was one of the few in the world that could accomodate it. GOLDENEYE filmed there a couple of years ago. The prequel is set 40 years prior to the timeframe of the original Trilogy. The films have unprecedented levels of digital content (said to be around 50%!), so they will be in post-production for a phenomenal year-and-a-half each. This neccessitates the current 1999 release date for the first film.

Here's a picture of a transport in the Coruscant scene from Return of the Jedi, Special Edition. (Matte Shot)
Here's the real picture of the transport in Coruscant from RotJ: SE

I found a *TON* of information concerning the first Star Wars Prequel. (Episode I) Click here to get it.

Jabba and Han from Star Wars Special Edition

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