I recently bought the Shadows of the Empire Enhanced CD. I came home and listened to it. The overall quality was Ok, but it could have been much better. The first track, the main Star Wars theme, sounded quite rushed, and some cymbal crashes were even off by a bit. When I put the enhanced CD into my CD-Rom drive and ran the executable, it ran some neat Shadows of the Empire program, which was simply a little virtual web-page type thing which gives lots of information on Shadows of the Empire. Here are the track listings.... the ones that I put a * next to are ones that I recommend you listen to, if you have it. If you don't......I don't think you should get it because it is expensive and lots of the music on it doesn't sound very Star-Wars-like. As I said before, I was dissapointed a little by it.

Track 1-Main Theme from Star Wars and Leia's Nightmare (3:41)
Track 2-The Battle of Gall (7:59)*
Track 3-Imperial City (8:02)
Track 4-Beggar's Canyon Chase (2:56)*
Track 5-The Southern Underground (1:48)
Track 6-Xizor's Theme (4:35)
Track 7-The Seduction of Princess Leia (3:38)*
Track 8-Night Skies (4:17)*
Track 9-Into the Sewers (2:55)
Track 10-The Destruction of Xizor's Palace (10:44)*

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