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Heh...I'm not dead yet! Though I have finally gotten around to updating this site, it is unfortunate that I must announce that I cannot maintain it any longer. This page will still stay here, but will no longer be updated - at least not until Episode II. It's been a long and great run, and I'd like to thank the thousands and thousands of visitors that have supported me over the past few years. (yes, years!)

On the topic of time...this page is one of the oldest Star Wars sites out there. Back in the good ol' days of old greats such as the page at UPENN and many, many others...that's how old this page is. I find it somewhat bothersome to see that Star Wars is so "commercialized" now, so to speak. Go to the supposedly "good" pages, and all you see are here, click there, etc.

Anyhow, that's the end of my rambling. For now, the last page has been turned, and the book is closed. Feel free to keep sending me feedback via the below form, as I still read *every* one of those.

And so we patiently wait for Episode II...

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