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The Force Award is a Star Wars Award that this site distributes to Star Wars Web Sites with exceptional quality and design. In order to be given this award, the site must first meet these following qualifications:

1. It must have a very nice page design with original pictures.
2. It must have lots of well-organized info and downloads.
3. It must be updated regularly. (IMPORTANT!)
4. It cannot contain any other information not related to Star Wars.
5. A user should be able to sit down and say "Wow! What a neat site!", and waste a couple hours there.

Here is what the award looks like:

Now, if you got this far and you think that your awesome site deserves this award, then fill out the form below and tell me why you think that your site is the best. Be sure to include you site's URL and your own e-mail address, or I can't give the award. (Duh!)

Site Description:

If your browser doesn't support forms, then you can E-Mail me.

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